SE Bangkok

Creator of Polo Since 2006

S.E. Bangkok, a Franco-Thai company, has been established for over 10 years in Asia. Our workshops are based in Bangkok, Thailand. We manufacture and sale on wholesale and retail levels handmade clothing created with the utmost care by a team of local workers supervised by French management.

Polo is our flagship product, but we also manufacture uniforms, shirts, t-shirts, boxers, underwear, dresses.

Our experienceand our expertise have earned us the confidence of local and international clients that continues to work with us for their uniforms or for their own clothing line needs. We even offer made-to-measure polos. We are very flexible to the demands of our clients, our knowledge of the raw materials available in the Asian market allows us to offer all types of fabrics qualities and extensive customization of the creations that we are able to manufacture. We can receive and fill orders of over 10,000 pieces per month.

Our perspective is becoming a leader in the field of the polo and develop and distribute our brands in Thailand and abroad.

We also work in the design field, creating laser cutted products, our workshops are equipped with a laser cutting machine of the latest generation.


Our Polos


We focus our business around the polo, our specialty since the creation of SE Bangkok in 2006, but our workshops can also create all ranges of clothing, t-shirts , jackets, dresses.

Your Style


Young, classic, trendy, simple, functional, elegant: Your Style is ours.

Come chat with us, discover our workshops or visit our showroom and the possible finishes we offer.



We have a laser cutting machine of the last generation that allows precise cutting of all types of fabrics. Engraving with laser allows to cut textiles and other materials quickly and easily, providing incredible shaping opportunities. Almost all shapes can be made with laser.



Fashionable women and men must have in their wardrobes the essentials that agree in style with any of their outfits. Polos are a great value for any type of event: Sports, happenings, evenings with friends, in the office, you will have that thing that makes the difference. Something to wear to suit your needs and the events of your life.

Our Factory


Large and conveniently located on the outskirts of Bangkok, equipped with a showroom, we have several workshops that allow us to adapt to the demands of our ever more demanding clients. We regularly invest in premises and machinery to adapt to the market and also to improve the working conditions of our employees and enable them to work with sophisticated equipment.

Our Customers


We manage to keep the loyalty of most of our clients either with the uniform (identification of the company) or the branding of their clothing collections. We aim to give the exceptional. We strive at all stages of the creation of a polo.

Here is a look at the list of our major customers in Thailand and abroad.

SE Bangkok Co. Ltd.